Skinny Blonde GF Gets Painal

For this super skinny blonde girlfriend the first time she took it up the ass started out as horseplay when she and her boyfriend were washing the car. The horseplay led to sex play which eventually led to anal sex. She should have known when she couldn’t take his fingers that she wouldn’t be able to to take his cock in her tight hole. She tired anyway and let him have his way with it. Eventually she came to enjoy it once her ass stretched to accommodate huge cock. Now she can’t get enough Anal.

Best of all her painful anal experience was captured on camera watch her every grunt groan and wince as she struggles to take that huge cock in her tight ass.

My Girlfriend Licked My Sisters Ass


My Girlfriend Licked My Sisters Ass When They Got Drunk

This story is told from the sister’s point of view to begin with and then half way through the story it shifts back to the brother’s point of view.

As I walked into Troy’s room I noticed he was already up. Of course he was how could he not be his sister had given him handjob last night, he came all over her tits and today he is supposed to lose his virginity to his girlfriend. How could a guy sleep with all that going on. I felt guilty as I had instigated most of this. “Hey sis how come your so glum today”? I smiled a bit and said “I have a lot to tell you, it is a lot to take in and I am not sure how you will feel about me after I tell you.”  (more…)

Dorm Party Gets Wild

The dorm party got out of hand that night too much alcohol led the girls challenging each other to see which one could pee like a guy the best, and it was all caught on camera. You can watch this crazy dorm party at Dare Dorm.

Blonde sucks her boyfriends dick back at the motel

I love taking my girlfriends on vacations. Usually if we are a short time into the relationship they are so grateful they are willing to do things they normally don’t. Watch this blonde flash for the camera on the public beach for her bf and then she sucks him off back at the motel while sitting on the toilet.