Dorm Party Gets Wild

The dorm party got out of hand that night too much alcohol led the girls challenging each other to see which one could pee like a guy the best, and it was all caught on camera. You can watch this crazy dorm party at Dare Dorm.

Dorm Girl Licks another Girls Asshole

All right this is a hot one this girl (the blonde) was complaining to her girlfriend how her boyfriend was always trying to lick her ass, but she wouldn’t let him. Her girl convinced her to give it a try.

Full video at College Rules

Blonde sucks her boyfriends dick back at the motel

I love taking my girlfriends on vacations. Usually if we are a short time into the relationship they are so grateful they are willing to do things they normally don’t. Watch this blonde flash for the camera on the public beach for her bf and then she sucks him off back at the motel while sitting on the toilet.